Fred the Red …

Fred the Red arrived as a terrified rescue via our fab vets Oakhill (The Windermere branch) and thanks to Jules Allwood and Becca Myers).

He was a little lad, traumatised after an RTA with a car in Bowness, emergency jaw surgery and a month at the RSPCA shelter in Kendal. He weighed in at 2.5 Its and couldn’t be picked up for a cuddle

That was just over a year ago.

He’s now 3.45kgs, has a magnificent mane and can be cuddled – he’s still shy but he behaved very well at the vets and sat very nicely for his exam and injections.

Published by Sue Lee

I'm a middle aged woman with many interests including - in no particular order - animals, gardening, books, horse brasses, letterboxes, our local primary school in Chapel Stile, my work as a nurse, friends and colleagues, local history...I have a million unfinished projects...I've worked all over the world and like to write about my life and my various experiences. My Other Half is Mr Pat ❤ I love my life but there aren't enough hours in the day.

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