Fred the Red …

Fred the Red arrived as a terrified rescue via our fab vets Oakhill (The Windermere branch) and thanks to Jules Allwood and Becca Myers).

He was a little lad, traumatised after an RTA with a car in Bowness, emergency jaw surgery and a month at the RSPCA shelter in Kendal. He weighed in at 2.5 Its and couldn’t be picked up for a cuddle

That was just over a year ago.

He’s now 3.45kgs, has a magnificent mane and can be cuddled – he’s still shy but he behaved very well at the vets and sat very nicely for his exam and injections.

Published by Sue Lee

The challenges of living off grid at the top of The Big Hill at Blea Tarn in the Langdale valley with a few furries & my other half, Mr Pat.

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